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Semitech Semiconductor develops and sells semiconductor components worldwide. Our company supplies the best products in the market to selected market segments. In order to maintain this very high standard and continuous improvement, we are committed to the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction

Our declared aim is to be among the best. Our customers’ assessment of the functionality of our products and the quality and service that we deliver indicates how well we achieve our objectives and where improvements are possible and necessary.

Product Quality

We work in close cooperation with our customers to develop and manufacture reliable products which solve their problems and assure technological advantage.

Employee Trust

We have created a working environment marked by trust, stability, creativity and spontaneity through open communication between management and employees and also through training and continuous education.

Supplier Respect

We treat our suppliers with respect and view them vendors as our partners and an integral part to our success.


Customers are recipients of process outputs. Our internal customer/supplier relationship guarantees the satisfaction of our external customers. We regard our company as a network of service relationships which, all together, generate the added value that our customers expect. For all processes, performance criteria must be defined. Then the process results can be assessed at each stage of the process. This performance measurement system provides the basis for our continuous improvement process.


We embrace result oriented culture. All corporate activities are aim toward improvement and ensuring long-term success. The effectiveness of these activities is verified through the continuous measurement of key parameters.

Social Responsibility

While we are striving for economic success, our work also has to meet ethical and ecological criteria. Our primary goal is to prevent and avoid environmental impact and safety risks, both during normal operation and in the event of an emergency. This requires us to ensure optimum use of the resources that we consume and engage in forward-looking assessment of potential environmental impact in all cases.


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