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Semitech leverages over a decade of experience in developing and field hardening semiconductor devices for Narrowband Power Line Communications. Our products have consistently proven to be the most robust solution for broad deployment in the harsh power grid environments. Our PLC technology utilizes a broad range of communication techniques from FSK/BPSK to OFDM and operates seamlessly with globally accepted communication protocols and standards, while embedding proprietary schemes, enhancing the reliability and functionality of established systems. Semitech products differentiate themselves by providing greater reliability of communication combined with flexibility and programmability to offer the user variety of tradeoffs based suited for any particular application.


  • Multiprotocol: All common OFDM standards including full compliance with IEEE 1901.2, G3-PLC, PRIME
  • Robust Communication : Robust Communications: Selectable modulation BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK,coherent 16QAM up 500kbps
  • Low Systems Costs:Single-chip integrating Physical Layer (PHY) and Media Access Controller (MAC) with integrated A/D, D/A, 2 OpAmps, PGA
  • Reliable, Predictable Communications: Automatic configuration based on channel metrics


  • All SM2400 Features: All common OFDM standards and robust communication
  • An Optimized Micro-inverter Chip: Integrated grid connected single-chip micro-inverter platform for Solar PV and smart lighting
  • Low Systems Costs: Single-chip integrating the SM2400 Narrowband Power Line Communication (N-PLC) modem to a fully integrated Analog Controller with Grid connectivity